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Senza glutine, senza latte, senza lievito e vegan! Torta salata

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Capitolo 1: produzione carciofini sott'olio Sadafè

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Capitolo 2: produzione carciofini sott'olio Sadafè

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Cestini di pasta sfoglia con crema al latte e pesche sciroppate!

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Involtini vegetali con funghi alla diavola!

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Treccia di pasta sfoglia con mostarda e parmigiano reggiano!

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Oleificio Rimini Sadafè- Ricetta carbonara Vegan

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Focaccia in padella!

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Cucina con Sadafè: MAIONESE VEGANA

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Oleificio Sadafè Rimini: SALSA PICCANTE

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Cucina con Sadafè: Ricetta pesto di basilico!

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Focaccia pazzesca con olio Sadafè!


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The extra virgin olive oil of memories: Amarcord
Family lunches on the porch, the alleys of the village and homemade tagliatelle. It is the oil of the grandfather, simple, which contains all the craftsmanship and family history. Amarcord, in the Romagna dialect, means I remember, and you want to remember these moments? Season your most traditional dishes and feel immediately at home.
Tin 500 mlTin 1 LitroTin 5 LitersBottiglia 250mlBottiglia 500mlBottiglia 750mlBag in box 3 LitriBag in box 5 Litri
€ 6,00

Our datterini sauce ready to season your pasta or to create delicious croutons!
€ 4,50
€ 4,70
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