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This is an expression in the dialect of the Romagna region, it means “si deve fare” in Italian ("you have to do it "):
these were the words we said to each other every time obstacles were placed in front of us.
Yes, because to get here, we had oceans to cross.

And now that Sadafè has reached the mainland, we will tell you about these first steps.
Sadafè was born in 2015, thanks to the idea of Alessandro and Daniele, who have been friends ever since their school days.
The idea was there, but something was missing, they needed a proper boost.
Then in 2017 arrives Dr. Federica, Alessandro's daughter, a recent graduate in pharmacology who brings along not only the energy of a 24-year-old but also the skills that would allow them to open a company with a completely new production process, based on the respect and nutritional enhancement of the raw materials.
This is how Sadafè was founded in 2018, starting with the union of tradition and innovation, producing extra virgin olive oil along with a whole series of products that embody the values of the three founding members.


Il Casanova
More extra-virgin for everyone: Il Casanova
Like Casanova di Fellini was sought after by women, so is our oil: it goes well with everything, does not seek perfection but makes people fall in love with each dish thanks to its charisma and its pride.

Bottiglia 250mlBottiglia 500mlBottiglia 750mlBag in box 3 LitriBag in box 5 Litri
€ 5,50
La dolce vita
The extra virgin olive oil par excellence:
The sweet life

The dolce vita is refined, luxury and unforgettable extra virgin olive oil.
Bottiglia 250mlBottiglia 500mlBag in box 3 LitriBag in box 5 Litri
€ 6,50
The extra virgin olive oil of memories: Amarcord
Family lunches on the porch, the alleys of the village and homemade tagliatelle. It is the oil of the grandfather, simple, which contains all the craftsmanship and family history. Amarcord, in the Romagna dialect, means I remember, and you want to remember these moments? Season your most traditional dishes and feel immediately at home.
Bottiglia 250mlBottiglia 500mlBottiglia 750mlBag in box 3 LitriBag in box 5 Litri
€ 6,00
Via M. Goja, 3
47924 Rimini (Rn)

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