The oil

 Extra virgin olive oil is a living substance and must be treated as such; it merits attention and care both during its processing and during its conservation.
The organic extra virgin olive oil by Sadafè is cold pressed.
We obtain the extra virgin olives from the main cultivars present in our area (Capolga di Villa Verucchio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Correggiolo), having established a trustworthy collaboration with the farmers of the area, who provide us with a product consisting of the specific qualitative characteristics we require.

This entire process of the acquisition of the raw material, however, also includes a careful control of traceability and certified laboratory analysis to provide us with precise information on the chemical-physical characteristics of the fruit.

The eco-sustainable Sadafè oil mill

Dr. Federica Dolci has carried out numerous research on olive oil technologies, studying in detail all the phases from the harvesting of the raw material to the conservation of the extra virgin olive oil.
It is fundamental for us not only to produce a UNIQUE oil of its genre, but also to be eco-sustainable, for this reason we have chosen to use a machine for the cold extraction of oil, which allows us to use a two-stage process that enables us to:

  1. Use very small amounts of water during processing and, thus, avoiding waste.
  1. Use the residual material of the olive pulp as a zootechnical supplement for the diet of animals, as a fertilizer and as a raw material for the production of biogas.

The preserves

Our preserves are biological and their raw materials are seasonal fruit and vegetables harvested in our Romagna countryside.

The foundations of our canned laboratory are:

  1. Processing from fresh products within 12 hours of harvesting.

  2. The transformation process that respects the nutritional component of the product; -The careful control of heat to avoid denaturation.

  3. All this allows us to enclose inside the jar, strictly made of glass, all the flavors and colors of nature.

  4. The transformation chain is subject to the rigorous attention of Dr. Dolci who, through a series of tools, constantly monitors all the stages of production.

  5. The strict controls during the processes, from the measurement of acidity to pasteurization, make our final products excellent both in terms of quality and safety.
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