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 Extra virgin olive oil is a living substance and must be treated as such; it merits attention and care both during its processing and during its conservation.
The organic extra virgin olive oil by Sadafè is cold pressed.
We obtain the extra virgin olives from the main cultivars present in our area (Capolga di Villa Verucchio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Correggiolo), having established a trustworthy collaboration with the farmers of the area, who provide us with a product consisting of the specific qualitative characteristics we require.

This entire process of the acquisition of the raw material, however, also includes a careful control of traceability and certified laboratory analysis to provide us with precise information on the chemical-physical characteristics of the fruit.

The eco-sustainable Sadafè oil mill

Dr. Federica Dolci has carried out numerous research on olive oil technologies, studying in detail all the phases from the harvesting of the raw material to the conservation of the extra virgin olive oil.
It is fundamental for us not only to produce a UNIQUE oil of its genre, but also to be eco-sustainable, for this reason we have chosen to use a machine for the cold extraction of oil, which allows us to use a two-stage process that enables us to:

  1. Use very small amounts of water during processing and, thus, avoiding waste.
  1. Use the residual material of the olive pulp as a zootechnical supplement for the diet of animals, as a fertilizer and as a raw material for the production of biogas.
In addition to our production of extra virgin olive oil, we also carry out third-party service.

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The production process of Sadafè oil

Our production process consists, first of all, of the selection of excellent raw materials, both in terms of degree of ripeness, and in regards to the safety period. The product is preferably harvested by hand and placed on small crates, to allow adequate aeration of the product, prevent the drupe from becoming damaged, and to insure that the fermentation process does not start too early.

The phase of washing and defoliation consists of the use of water jets to clean the olives, and then to let them dry. This step is necessary to avoid transferring any microbial component present on the outside of the fruit into the finished product.

The pressing: the aromatic production phase, during which a series of enzymes that are present within the fruit are activated, which then are catalysts for more enzymatic reactions, creating the sensory and curative characteristics of the oil.

During this phase, however, enzymes such as peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase are also activated, which can negatively affect the quality of the product, for this reason we have resorted to a differentiated pressing method by using a blade press.
The kneading phase follows the pressing, where the mixing of the olive paste along with slight heating results in the breakage of the water-oil emulsion, allowing the oily droplets to come together in larger drops, which will then separate more easily during the aqueous phase in the subsequent process of separation solid-liquid (paste-oil + water) and liquid-liquid (vegetation water-oil).
The aromatic note of the oil partly originates from the progression in the activity of the lipoxygenase during the kneading process, as it results in the formation of aldehydes, alcohols and saturated and unsaturated esters, i.e. volatile substances with which various flavours are associated, such as "fresh herbaceous", "floral" and the scent of "tomato".

The enzymes responsible for the production of these flavours work best at temperatures from 15°C to 25°C, which is why we control the temperature of the processed product at all times using a PCC touch system, allowing us to modify the temperature in real time.

Finally, the paste is separated by a centrifuge with a two-stage decanter and is then immediately filtered and stored in stainless steel tanks, where we replace the oxygen with nitrogen, thus minimizing the processes of oxidative degradation and allowing a conservation of the finished product at the highest possible levels.


Il Casanova
More extra-virgin for everyone: Il Casanova
Like Casanova di Fellini was sought after by women, so is our oil: it goes well with everything, does not seek perfection but makes people fall in love with each dish thanks to its charisma and its pride.

Bottiglia 250mlBottiglia 500mlBottiglia 750mlBag in box 3 LitriBag in box 5 Litri
€ 5,50
La dolce vita
The extra virgin olive oil par excellence:
The sweet life

The dolce vita is refined, luxury and unforgettable extra virgin olive oil.
Bottiglia 250mlBottiglia 500mlBag in box 3 LitriBag in box 5 Litri
€ 6,50
The extra virgin olive oil of memories: Amarcord
Family lunches on the porch, the alleys of the village and homemade tagliatelle. It is the oil of the grandfather, simple, which contains all the craftsmanship and family history. Amarcord, in the Romagna dialect, means I remember, and you want to remember these moments? Season your most traditional dishes and feel immediately at home.
Bottiglia 250mlBottiglia 500mlBottiglia 750mlBag in box 3 LitriBag in box 5 Litri
€ 6,00
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